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Marriage is one of the important event in anyone’s life. Everyone deserves a good and understanding life partner. In this area Horoscope Matching plays a vital role in order to nullify any bad effects after marriage.Horoscopes of both bride and groom are analysed based on 10 types of Porutham. Dina porutham, Rasi porutham, Gana porutham, Yoni porutham, Mahendra porutham, Stree Dirgha porutham, Vashya porutham, Rajju porutham, Rashyadhipati porutham, Vedha porutham and Nadi porutham. Based on these poruthams the Astrologers will guide you to make decisions on Matching Horoscopes.

This Marriage Matching report analyses all Comptibility Factors influencing your married life and gives you an authentic marriage compatibility report.
✓Based on Vedic Astrology
✓Nakshatra compatibility
✓Kuja Dosha Analysis
✓Papasamya Comparison
✓Dasa Sandhi Analysis

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This is what we generate in our detailed Marriage Astrology Matching evaluation report

Online Marriage Matching is carried out by evaluating the horoscope chart of two individuals which got generated based on their birth time and star of birth, the horoscopic matchmaking followed from Vedic ages as a traditional practice. By comparing two individuals horoscopic chart their feasibility of leading a successful marriage astrology life would be evaluated by considering factors like their character, attitude, personality, and approach towards life. By evaluating several factors a final score will be generated, that would depict the possibility of a male and female getting married.

We request you to provide all the related horoscopic details properly to carry out perfect evaluation and help you to find the best match.

Kuja Dosha Check

Studying the role of planet Mars in the horoscope chart is essential to know whether the concerned bride/groom is having any dosha (setback) due to the position of the planet in their horoscopic chart, by analysing the Mars factor suitable remedies suggested according to the concerned individual.

Dasa Sandhi Check

It is also important to check the dasa sandhi since it is also one of the key element in a person’s horoscope when it comes to marriage. A change in position might bring in some trouble for the concerned individual according to their current planetary positions, and hence they required to undergo certain remedies.


Our horoscope evaluation process involves a maximum of 3 hrs to 3 days that includes generation of complete report detailing about your future happenings in your personal and professional life and suggesting suitable remedies for the same.

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