Marraige Pyramid (attract you soul mate)


Marriages are made in heaven, but due to modern ideology & other goals it is difficult to choose a life partner. Here is a revolutionary tool-marriage pyramid, fast track to attract your soul-mate. Its connects the cosmic link with your life partner. It can change your perception towards your life & the criteria of selecting your partner. Start exploring this magical secret!

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Marriage pyramid is a couple of two pyramids. The centres of both the pyramids are connected at the bottom by a copper strip. One pyramid is black & the other is white. The black pyramid is called Maa chamber & the white pyramid is called Fa chamber. Below both the pyramids are smaller flattened pyramids, but they are opposite in colour. Therefore black pyramid i.e. Maa chamber you will have a smaller white flattened pyramid & vice versa for the other white pyramid i.e. Fa chamber. Each flattened pyramid has a 9 square FaMaa yantra on the top.

How to Use

Consider a situation where a girl wants to get married. Then her photo is to be placed in the Maa chamber i.e. in the white flat pyramid below the black pyramid. Also based on her date of birth, the Fa Maa symbols are to be drawn of the proper squares in the 9 square yantra on the flattened pyramid. Then close the black pyramid.

The girl must then write her desire about the would be husband . This takes a time & any no of desires can be written. A final draft must be written in red ink on the white paper. This paper must be folded to fit into the black flattened pyramid under the white pyramid i.e., the Fa chamber. Then close the white pyramid.

Now the marriage pyramid is ready to use. Place it on a table. The girl must sit with both the legs uncrossed &touching the floor flatly. The palms of the hands are to be cupped & placed above the two pyramids i.e. the Fa-Maa chambers. Then the girl must mentally go through the list of desires she has written. She should do this mental revision at least 10 times in a day using the same posture. The desired groom will arrive at the doorstep . The marriage pyramid connects a cosmic link with the right person from your description and pulls him in your direction. The same technique may be used by a boy to attract the perfect girl towards him using the marriage pyramid for marriage purpose.