Protect Car Pyramid


Protect 9×9 car Pyramid is used in vehicle for protection, safety and efficiency. It protects your car, scooter from road traffic accidents. Many times, we come across auto accidents, while driving a car, it catches fire automatically. Protect 9×9 car Pyramid, protects you and your vehicle from sudden accidents. It is essential to make vehicle in harmony with you by fixing ‘Protect 9×9 Car’ for safety & efficiency.

Secret features:

  • Additional power 8 copper and 1 gold pyramid chips, accepted globally
  • 4 directionally interacting copper triangles on the top.
  • Used in other vehicles like auto, truck, bus and taxi.
  • Energized and Genuine
  • Precious and Very Powerful

Easy to use:

  • Fix it on the dash board of your car using an adhesive tape.
  • Your personal program acts better due to Gold pyramid chip and Pyramid Yantra in the center.
  • For finest results; close your eye, repeat your wish before starting the vehicle.

    Mystic Benefits:
  • The positive energy of this product makes the neuro-body control better.
  • Pyramid power helps to take a clear decision at critical situation and balance your mind.
  • Protects from evil energy of environment, place and time.
  • Improves concentration, awareness level and reflex action.
  • Overall, it protects car accident and brings positive energy, which makes the Neuro-body control better and therefore aids you to take clear decisions in essential moments and balance the mind.