Table Max Pyramid – Enhances Energy of Business Table


Table Max (Copper) Pyramid is a ground breaking instrument for Vastu correction. It is very simple to use, simply remove the gum tape from bottom most portion of the Table Max Pyramid, fix under the table.Based on the theory of Pyramid Vastu, this innovative Pyramid Yantra energises your Table, to bring transformation to your Careers, Business, Studies or Education etc.

Table Max (Copper) Pyramid Benefits:

  • Table Max (Copper) Pyramid boosts up your working efficacy to get outstanding results.
  • Make your table a Fortune table with the use of Table Max (Copper) Pyramid.
  • It attracts a lot of good fortune and success.
  • Table Max (Copper) Pyramid also safe guards you from negative energies that blocks your growth in business.
  • Table Max (Copper) Pyramid assists you to take accuratejudgments.
  • It also attracts a lot of new ideas and creates great opportunities
  • Table Max (Copper) Pyramid brings success in anoccupation, profession, business and work.
  • Table Max (Copper) Pyramid brings success in career, business, study and work.
  • It is must for all types if tables- Home, Study, Office, Cash counters, Factories, Computer tables and Hotel receptions.

    How to use:-

First clean the bottommost portion of the table and fix this Pyramid. After fixing the Table Max Pyramid, make a wish and let the Pyramid yantra work. It will boost your working efficacy in the office.