Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid


Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid is an innovative pyramid tool for harmony, Vastu corrections and positive energy booster in your flats, apartments and rooms. Sometimes, the cosmic energy produced by Flat Max Pyramid easily resolves energy problems created by huge structures.

Flat Max Pyramid, with nine special copper pyramids, is providing new scopesand applications for correcting Vastu of all big buildings. Flat max Pyramid is compact and flat in design so it can be fixed easily in places where other Pyramidscannot be placed.

Every house needs to be modified with Vastu to abolish negativity and make your home-secured place devoid of any hazardous energy. Energised Pyramids are such instruments, which have their own powers to curb the effects of negativity by absorbing and neutralizing it. The improperVastu can make your home devoid of wealth, harmony and satisfaction. Thus, it is important to nullify the unfavourable energies with Pyramids.

Flat Max Pyramid Benefits:

  • Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid helps in increasing favorable energies
  • It is simple to use and very compact
  • Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid is Original and Authentic
  • Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid is the best Vastu correction instrument.
  • Flat Max (Copper) Pyramid also comprises the power of 81 Pyra-Gold and 9 Gold pyramids.
  • It is best for Centre correction of all Flats, Buildings and Residence
  • We can easily place Flat Max Pyramid on the ceiling, under your tiles or on the walls based on Horizontal Power Method. It comprises power of 9 Gold pyramids and 81 Pyra-grid that keeps the negativity at bay. It is ideal for offices, homes, shops and factories.

It can easily fix the positive energies in each apartment.It is perfect for homes, shops, offices and factories.It also reduces all sorts of evil effects present in your building. As per the Pyra vastu Consultant or expert, you can use it with brass screw.