Flat Max Gold – For Most Positive Energy in Flats of Housing Societies


FMG (Flat Max Gold) is a ground-breaking instrument for centre correction of the buildings, flats or rooms. FMG (Flat Max Gold) is an advanced instrument for removing the Vastu dosh (energy anomalies) and works as an original and authentic energy enhancement tool in the flat, building or apartment. It is completely unique invention tool for Vastu correction of Apartments and Flats.

FMG (Flat Max Gold) is must to fix and its simple design lets you to repair positive energy anywhere you wish to. This instrument will give new applications and aspect to the Vastu science. FMG (Flat Max Gold) with unique in-build 81 Gold pyramids is an ultimate boon to all constructions, big projects, and buildings. One can easily fix this Jiten Pyramid tool in every apartment before entering into it.

Jiten Pyramid FMG (Flat Max Gold) Benefits:

  • FMG (Flat Max Gold) is an ultimate tool for Vastu correction.
  • It augments positive energy in your Flats and apartments.
  • FMG (Flat Max Gold) is giving new dimensions to the Vastu science thus it is very effective tool for the construction sites.
  • It is authentic and original Vastu correction tool specifically made to improve positivity of the site or building.
  • FMG (Flat Max Gold) comprises power of one ‘Max’ pyramid in this Flat-Max (on the basis of Horizontal Power Method (HPM).
  • Enriched with nine Golden pyramids and 81 Pyra-golden pyramids, this Jiten Pyramid tool gives you perfect results.
  • It is very easy to use and gives fantastic outcomes.
  • FMG (Flat Max Gold) is an ideal tool for store, homes, offices and factories.
  • Supported by 72 directional copper arrows, 81 Radiating Crystals and 9 Gold arrows offer you powerful support to keep Harmony and peace at home or residence.
  • FMG (Flat Max Gold) is really flat and handy, so that it can be effortlessly fixed in places where conventional Max cannot be positioned due to space limit. It can easily solve many problems due to its ground-breaking design. It is an ideal tool for centre correction of all buildings, rooms or flats. FMG (Flat Max Gold) is perfect for new bigger projects.