Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid


Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid is specifically developed by world-famous Pyra Vastu founder, Dr. Jiten Bhatt to make best use of vastu results for fortune, prosperity and harmony. This product is ideal for Vastu correction in house, flats and at the workplace. As Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid has immense power and you can use often for bigger projects.

Secret Features:

  • It comprises 9 layer energy grid.
  • There is a gold triangular plate on the top most portion.
  • It is supported by the equal plate at the bottommost with eighty one Pyra Devine

Benefits of Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid:

  • It gets Property activation
  • Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid helps in activating the energy of Land and Building
  • Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid activates a process in Industries
  • Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid enhances profit margins in Industries and Commercial buildings
  • Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid activates Residential and Industrial properties with highly positive energy
  • Fortune Promax (2G) Pyramid also helps in getting high returns onInvestment properties
  • It also generates positivity due to its dominant 9 energy grid.