Gold Aum Pyramid


Gold Aum Pyramid is an innovative instrument that brings wealth, prosperity, luck and well-being. The Gold AUM Yantra offers the supremacy of 31 gold 9×9 Pyramids that bring rapid success. It also comprises energy of powerful 729 pyramids plates.Jiten Gold Aum Pyramid Yantra’s bottom is designed with one gold energy radiatordiscand eight influential copper discs.This innovative Pyramid Yantra is acknowledged worldwide.

Gold Aum Pyramid benefits:

Aura Strength – Keeping an Aum Pyramid nearby help you to make strong aura, which improves mental focus and increases the level of energy.

Positive Cosmic Energy – Gold Aum Pyramid creates powerful divine energy in the office or home to produce fantastic results.

At Work – Placing a Gold Aum Pyramid in your office can improve your concentration power, creativity etc.

FengShui – Place a Jiten Gold Om Pyramid in house to correct blocked energy/ Chi that may be affecting luck, relationships and richness, as prescribed in FengShui.

Remove Negativity – Gold Aum Pyramid removes negativity from the office or home.

Vastu Correction – Aum Pyramid is an authentic Vastu correction tool that yields positive force and neutralizes evil impacts.