Education Pyramid – Gold


Education Gold Pyramid is beneficial for Education of children for improving knowledge. The tower with 3 Pyramid effects and special Yantra for academic success also gives access to the deeper knowledge and wisdom. You can place it on study table or hang on the wall with brass screw in front of the study table.

Key Features:

  • Special 3 level Pyramid Yantra creates peace of mind by connecting the mind, brain and subconscious mind.
  • Pre-Programmed universal numerical copper is here to generate the energy of nine planets for supporting the body, spirit and mind link.
  • At the base there are total 243 copper Yantra.
  • Saraswati Yantra to please Goddess Saraswati, the deity of Education.
  • 12 Copper Yantra to gather energy from all the directions.

Very simple to use:

Before you begin your study, simply touch the three-tower Pyramid with both hands and feel thankful to the universal energy flowing through it. This influential Education Gold Pyramid is going to be guide all the time during your program of study and it will form a positive connection between you and your books during examinations.

Leave behind your negative feelings, fear and doubt of failure and emerge back as positive strong person. Just visualize that you are now being showered with infinite blessings and power to understand, learn and recollect at the right time. Now, whatever you want to learn you will definitely learn it.