Pyra Angle Pyramid (Set of 4)


The new innovative tool Pyra Angle pyramid by Jiten Bhatt is for safeguarding your home and office. According to Vastu, all four corners of your room walls must be in right angles .i.e. 90 degree to each other, but it is rarely found exactly 90 degree. In such circumstances, it creates disharmony in the room. It offers you well energized and programmed Pyra Angle pyramid which protects your room from disharmony and imbalance of energy in room. It is very easy to use and install, just fix Pyra angle in all four-corner walls of the room.

If you are searching vastu shastra for home, Pyra Angle pyramid is best suited for you. It is also for those who are suffering from extreme Vastu dosh. It works as vastu shastra remedies and protects your living space. Distinctiveattributes included in Pyra Angle for maximum benefits. It is powered with copper base plate and center programmed plate. Also new corner power triangles are added for more benefits. So just, explore a new dimension to better Vastu remedy.