Pyra Fire – Amplifies Positivity and Removes Negativity from surroundings with Power of Pyramids


Pyra fire pyramids work as wish amplifier and removes negativity. It contains plate at bottom for earth energy, power of three layers of pyramids, with 8 gold pyramids and one copper chamber. It purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes the space. Fire is performed in many shapes and benefits differs from shape and sizes:

  • Square shape: It is for success, prosperity, growth, performance and motivation.
  • Heart shape: It is for marriage, children, spouse and love.
  • Half circle: It is for well being, satisfaction, fast result and contentment.
  • Triangle: it is to safeguard, protect, removes fear and negativity
  • Rhombus: it brings income, gain of money, finance and fortune.
  • Used in office vaastu, home vastu, or apartment vastu corrections, the PyraFire Pyramid helps the construction problems or other interferences in the home, factory or office,where the energy is unbalanced and is not suitable for well-being.

How to use this Pyramid?

  • Take 1 or 2 pieces of camphor or cotton wick with pure Ghee. Then take on your left hand and apply the FaMaa orientation to it.
  • Place it in the centre of the hall and arrange Pyra Fire and light the camphor or cotton wick on the copper chamber of the Pyramid and wait till the fire extinguishers in a meditative mood.
  • When it is lit, millions of positive photons will emanate from the fire and spread in the space and these photons will work absolutely for you for quite some time. Repeat the process once you feel the energy is depleted.
  • Optional: Once the fire is out you can carry the pyramid to all the rooms and entries to create positive energy.

Normally Homas or Poojas are conducted to balance and activate the positive and spiritual energy. But this is time consuming and very expensive. The Pyravastu Pyra Fire tool can give you the similar result and can be practiced by yourself to harmonize the positive energy in the surroundings. The Pyra Vastu fire will work according to your specific wishes.