Smart Fire – Advance Pyramid


Smart Fire – Advance Pyramid Neutralizes negative vibes and create positive space for better energy healing. This tool consists of power of pyramids, which creates a harmony space for you and your family.

Powerful Features:

  • Well-designed tool that has 9 copper plates, 91 pyramids, and a special Yantra power plate with copper triangles to send distant Reiki energy.
  • An 8 directional negativity removal plate that can be beneficial as per your problem.
  • Unique eight clear quartz healing crystals for eight-directional healing.
  • This new Smart Fire instrument can create a strong motivating force in the atmosphere.
  • It arouses the core of millions of charged ‘PHOTON’ particles around us, with the positive energy of our own resolve.
  • Your tool is a part of the SmartNet so you spontaneously join the spiritual circle of light with millions of others to boost your healing.

100 times more powerful than visualization alone, Reiki – Smart Fire Pyramid yantra is specially designed to communicate with the surroundings, that help the 8 energies to crystallize within you so that you are empowered to accomplish your dreams.  This pyramid energizes the environment and makes your healing room or living space positive and healthy.