Super MAX Pyramid


Supermax pyramid is a pyramid with 3 times powerful and popular than Max pyramid. This is most useful tool for good health and harmony. If you are searching a pyramid for Vastu correction, than why don’t you use super max pyramid. With its unique gold plate at centre and in all 4 directions, it is used for all Vastu correction.

The founder and designer of this extraordinary tool is Jiten Bhatt, its tremendous power and well-matched component offers great advantage to user. You can use it for great project like factory, hospitals, farm and apartments. It is a boon for big property dealers. It can be used in multiple of 9, i.e. 9, 18, 27 depend upon strength and problem of area.

Features of Supermax are:

Vastu for good health.
Vastu for land.
Pyramid for Vastu correction.
Attracts harmony and peace.
Land charging.