Swatik Gold Pyramid


Pyra vastu swastik-gold is a new tool that benefits the user in terms of prosperity and wellness. Swastik pyramid vastu attracts fortune and provides you fast success and progress in your career or business. It is must for all homes, work places, offices, factories or shops. Swastik gold is very effective for the cash and sales counters. Swastik images are also kept at spiritual or holy places.

This unique swastika Pyramid Yantra consists power of 729 inbuilt Pyramids in grid of 81, Swastik gold Pyramid grid & bottom activator with 8 Copper + 1 Gold energy radiator. Also added power of 5 Gold Pyramids for vital Pyra Centers. It can be used in multiples of 3 and 9 at a time for Vastu & Pyra Vastu.

This product is designed by Jiten Bhatt, well energized, and programmed by AstroDevam.com for increase health and wellness. Swastik pyramid is very easy to use, just place your Swastik between hands with positive minds and personalize it with your wish. Now fix it with brass screws,wherever you require it.