Vastu Sleep Pyramid


Vastu Sleep Pyramid is focused on energizing Bed and thus aids you proper sleep. Each time when Vastu sleep Pyramid is placed under the mattress while sleeping, it releases a flow of positive energy all over the place. This positive energy boosts sound sleep by reducing negativity from the bed.

Benefits of Vastu Sleep Pyramid

Fulfills your wish by transferring your dreams into reality by activating the universal energy.
Opens door to a better and wonderful life for you by bringing more fortune
Balances your charkas and gives you an experience of increased vitality
Auto-corrects all sorts of vaastu defects and counteracts evil forces that creates obstacles in the path of your success.

Vastu Pyra sleep works on 9 planets and 81 grid principles. It acts as a natural remedy for sleep. Persons, who are facing problem in sleeping, often use this.  It is best used in insomnia treatment.