Business Disc Pyramid


Business Growth Disc Pyramid instrument attracts economic growth, good business and superior financial position. Business Disc Pyramid works on the subtle level to increase your fortune. It can be used for shops, offices and factories. Business Disc Pyramid helps in better business decisions & concentration.

Unique Features:

  • The Power of in-built 81 Pyramids with extra energy of nine Gold Pyramids.
  • Up-lifting energy of powerful ‘Fortune Yantra’ on the topmost part.
  • Business Disc Pyramid bottom is activated with 8 copper plus 1 Gold energy radiator discs.


  • Business Growth Pyramid Vastu Yantra attracts more business, money & success.
  • It can be used for offices, shops and factories.
  • Business Disc Pyramid Vastu Tool is an ideal for both new and growing businesses.
  • Business Disc Pyramid instrument also helps in better business decision & concentration.
  • You can hang this Vastu support tool with a brass screw on the wall of the office facing the entry or inside your office.
  • You can improve the power by fixing more Discs in the same place. Business Disc Pyramid instrument is very simple to use and gives amazing results. It is also recommended for flats, malls, business houses and IT parks.