Flat Max – Ideal for Flats in Housing Societies


Flat max Vastu correction pyramid Yantra is an innovative instrument for centre correction of building or even for removing the Vastu defects. Flat Max (Flat designs for Flats & Apartments) Pyramid Yantra is an energy upliftment tool in the rooms and flats. It is very easy to install, you can easily fix it anywhere.

Features of Flat Max pyramids are:

  • Flat Max Vastu correction Pyramid is best for Centre activation and energy upliftment
  • Flat Max Vastu defect correction instrument is simple to use and install
  • Flat Max Pyramid Yantra is best for Vastu correction
  • Flat Max Pyravastu tool gives you speedy results


  • Flat Max (Flat designs for Flats & Apartments) Pyramid is really flat and it can be easily fixed where other Max cannot be placed due to lack of space.
  • Flat Max (Flat designs for Flats & Apartments Pyramid) is also best for bigger projects.
  • Flat Max can easily resolve your problems due to its advanced design, as it takes care of whole house, flat or office.