Fortune Disc


Fortune Disc is the latest invention in PyraVastu and is believe to offers prosperity, luck and good fortune. It attracts 8 directional energies to crystalize your dreams and wish in your life. It is the most recommended and must for every house and office. Since it is more powerful pyramid with 6 Swastik symbols that attracts more heavenly energies which attracts good fortune into your life. This Pyramid energy dissolves bad luck and negative energy and bring more positivity, luck and fortune



How to Use:

  • Install your Fortune Disc on a wall using brass screws after doing FaaMaa programming.
  • Re-charge daily by repeating your wish along with an incense stick like we do for pictures of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Request the higher energies (Gods/Goddesses) to help to fulfil your desire.
  • Then this mystic Fortune Disc will attract all three lucks and radiate that positivity into the room and into you.
  • Fortune Disc will acts as a transmitting tower of goods fortune for you.
  • Faith and confidence is needed to produce better results because you are at the receiving end
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