Fortune Door Gold


Fortune Door (Gold Edition) Jiten Pyramid is an innovative Pyra Vastu instrument that brings out positive energy and gives you good results in every field. As per Vastu Science, vital energy from the environment, mostly enters the building through main door. These vital energy coming from door brings peace, prosperity and happiness and very often problems too if it is negative.

Fortune Door (Gold Edition) benefits:

Fortune Door (Gold Edition) is a simple and effective Pyramid Yantra that is a must in your workplace, house or office.
Supremacy of 9×9 Pyramids in the centre and nine minor pyramids brings complete harmony and luck.
Fortune Door (Gold Edition) Jiten Pyramid is must for each office, house and workplace.
Fortune Door (Gold Edition) is an ideal tool for new virtual door opening and to draw good fortune.
It can solve numerous problems due to its advanced design.
Fortune Door (Gold Edition) Jiten Pyramid is enriched with 12 color crystal and 2 Gold pyramids and supported by 8 radiating discs and at the bottom there are 3 Gold plates. Fortune Door is the newest invention in PyraVastu with Gold edition can bring success, luck, prosperity and good fortune.