Promax Pyramid


Promax pyramid, a product designed and invented by Jiten Bhatt after the grand success of max and SuperMax. Promax is basically used for economic growth and development. This ultimate pyramid Yantra gives very fast results. It is highly recommended for property enhancement and property development device. It is a boon for property dealers and caretakers. Fans of this Pyramid gadget use to tell that with this everything is possible.

Promax pyramid can be used in following areas:

a> Commercial property activation.

b> Project Idea and Map activation.

c> Process activation.

d> Procurement activation.

e> Land and building activation.

f> Finance activation.

g> Marketing activation.

h> Residential / industrial property activation.

i> Investment property activation.

j> Farm and spiritual property activation.

Promax pyramid is built with 9-layer energy grid and four side gold triangular plates on the top. It also has support of cosmic harmonizing plate in bottom. Promax pyramid generates and transmits positive motivating forces in your property. Nothing is impossible, when Promax pyramid is with you. Its great design helps you in development of your property. It solves all your property related problems.