ProMax-Special Pyramid


ProMax Pyramid with superior edition and inbuilt pyramid in the centrecreates positive energy in your property. Itis an innovative Pyramid Yantra with unique Centron booster plate in it. ProMax Special Pyramid is the best correction tool for Property activation.

With the presence of additional layers in it, Pro Max Special Pyramid gives us very fast results. It is incorporated with nine-layer pyramids, the Pro Max Special Pyramid boosts positive energy field in your residence. It also helps in enhancing energy flow, mainly in Industrial projects that lack proper energy.

Importance of ProMax-Special Pyramid:

  • ProMax-Special Pyramid is best for Divine property
  • ProMax-Special Pyramid is good for Land activation
  • ProMax-Special Pyramid is the best Vastu correction tool
  • ProMax-Special Pyramid helps in Commercial Property activation
  • ProMax-Special Pyramid is best for Industrialproperty activation
  • ProMax-Special Pyramid boosts cosmic energy